Be Like Bowie

2016 was a very sad year for music fans. Some extremely popular names were taken from us during a difficult 12 months, but possibly the most notable of these was David Bowie. In over fifty years, from his very first recordings right through to his last album Blackstar, David Bowie was at the vanguard of contemporary culture as a musician, artist, icon and a constant influence on generations of writers, artists and designers.

Bowie never stood still but was constantly on the move looking for new developments, fresh ideas and alternative ways of achieving his objectives. Like a true artist he avoided the obvious but was constantly searching for the virgin path, whether it was in his songs, his image or his way of working.

In 1997 he offered investors a chance to profit from future sales of his back catalogue by buying “Bowie bonds” in a deal that reportedly netted him $55 million. One year later he became the first artist to start his own Internet service provider. In 2000 he started an online bank called and in September that year he established himself as the highest-profile artist to release an entire album for digital distribution, making his album ‘hours’ available online before it was available in stores.

Being truly innovative is extremely difficult but opening your mind to new ideas is not. Recognising a good idea and then acting on it requires businesses to be nimble but without the right attitude ability to embrace change there is no point even discussing it.

Here at PEA we are proud of how nimble we are and are always looking at new ideas that will help us deliver an even better service to our clients. We understand what you need – bespoke administration services that suit you and your situation perfectly. In other words adaptable and appropriate answers to any operational challenges you face. Rather than offer our customers the same tried and tested methods we are constantly looking for better ways to work.

Unfortunately David Bowie will not release any more new songs, but his legacy will continue to inspire. At PEA we will continue to have an open mind and if we are nimble enough to take advantage of this then our customers will benefit too.

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by Peter Toyberg

Peter Toyberg is Group Managing Director of PEA and holds an MSc in Economics from Copenhagen Business School and has extensive experience in the management of private equity funds. Peter specialises in technical fund structuring, tax reviews, AIFMD, turn-key back office services solutions, and depositary solutions. He is also a very keen cyclist

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