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We specialise in boutique fund administration and Depositary to alternative fund structures. Our geographic reach covers onshore and offshore pan-European funds. In addition to this, we support all of the legal vehicles which make up these complex structures including investment management and advisory vehicles, feeder and co-investment vehicles, SPV’s, carried interest and incentive schemes and private investment holding companies.

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For some clients big is not always the best! We strongly believe in “being the local specialist” and in cooperation with a network of other specialists in other areas and countries. 

PEA Denmark

PEA Denmark is managed by Peter Toyberg and Lars Møller Andersen who are also the Founders of PEA. Prior to establishing PEA both Peter and Lars were part of the Scandinavian Private Equity Fund Procuritas, Peter as Partner and CFO (since 1993) and Lars as a controller(since 2005). From sitting on “the other side of the table” Peter and Lars have a natural high focus on hands-on operational quality. Since the establishment of PEA back in 2003 with five people up to today staff of +50, the hand-on operational quality has been the key focus.

PEA Sweden

PEA Sweden is managed by Amanda Ekman and Erik Kindblom. Amanda’s experience from the Investor side as well as the Fund side are very appreciated by our clients and Erik’s background from the Audit side as well. 

Amanda is responsible for the operational oversight and the quality and risk control, Erik is focusing on the reporting and accounting. The Stockholm office also focuses on system developing and security, which is a key task for PEA. Both Amanda and Erik are also Directors on several on our clients’ boards.

PEA Guernsey

Our Guernsey office is managed by James Orrick and Joanne Gill. Both James and Jo have had a long history with PEA and are also Directors on several of our clients’ boards. Whilst James is responsible for the operational oversight of the Guernsey office, he also has a keen interest in technology and champions the adoption of systems that add value to our client services. Meanwhile, Jo oversees the Guernsey office’s regulatory strategy and ensures that our clients work according to global standards and requirements.

Erik Kindblom, Amanda Ekman, Peter Toyberg and Lars Møller Andersen

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We don’t outsource and we understand what you need. You require a service partner who can offer a bespoke administrative solution, providing flexible and accessible reporting and assistance in the transparency demands of investors, regulators and fiduciaries. Our clients seek adaptable solutions to the operational challenges that they face. With this understanding, PEA delivers what clients want and need.


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