Knowing what we value

Our business values shape the make-up of who we are at PEA.

With big plans for the year ahead and a number of new team members on board, we have decided to greet the new year with a renewed focus on people, knowledge, collaboration, delivery and technology.

Why? Well, we want to make sure that PEA keeps nurturing a successful company culture. Making sure that our people feel aligned with our guiding principles and contribute openly to what they look like seemed a very good place to start the year.

So, we have kicked 2019 off with a thought-provoking workshop where we agreed what our values mean to us in practice and shared ideas with each other that will help our team to keep them alive.  Our work so far shows clearly that our people have plenty of common ground in their thinking about the essence of what we stand for.  Taking the opportunity to raise our values to the fore can only help to strengthen the culture we are building and support our growth.

The onset of a new year often brings thoughts of change and planning.  As we embark on new concepts and ideas as individuals and as teams and on what’s already a busy year, understanding the power of positive thinking was another strong focus of our away day.  After all, a positive mindset instantly empowers us, encouraging us to picture what’s possible.

PEA has plenty to progress with as we get into 2019 and we’re upbeat, filled with confidence and ready to go!

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