Private Equity Administrators offers depositary services

Knowing how important the provision of depositary services will be to our clients in the coming year, we are pleased to announce that Private Equity Administrators has been authorised by the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet) to act as a professional depositary in Denmark. Initially available through Denmark, our framework of procedural controls will be adopted in Guernsey for when AIFs are required to comply with the AIFMD regulations and those AIFs who are not wishing to adopt the early opt in provisions. As a depositary we will be working on behalf of our AIFMs to ensure the following functions are adhered to under the AIFMD:

• Asset ownership verification

• Safe keeping of those assets which are not held in a Custodial arrangement

• Investment & cash flow monitoring

• Operational oversight of the principal documents of the AIF

• Via our partner network, Sub-Custody for custodial assets and financial instruments

We’ll be talking more about our depositary functions in the near future, but if you are keen to learn more in the meantime, our resident expert on Depositary Services is Peter Toyberg. Peter is always happy to provide advice around depositary procedures and the practice of managing the bespoke requirements of our asset managers, or simply to talk farming and his love of small holdings! Contact Peter in Denmark:

Peter Toyberg

+45 70 20 40 61


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